Sidhe Interactive
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Founded in 1997, Sidhe is an award-winning developer of console, handheld and PC games. The largest game production studio in New Zealand, Sidhe has a proven track record of creating high-quality, licensed and original titles for a worldwide audience. The studio has produced more than 20 high-profile titles including Shatter™ (PS3), GripShift® (360, PS3, PSP), Madagascar Kartz (360, PS3, Wii), Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 (Wii), Speed Racer The Videogame (Wii, PS2), as well as multiple games based on the NRL Rugby League franchise.

Offering exceptional quality and value for money, Sidhe provides services to and has products published by a range of world class partners and clients such as Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, Sony Online Entertainment, Activison, and Ubisoft.

The company is an officially licensed developer for Microsoft (Xbox, Xbox 360), Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (PSOne, PS2, PSP, PS3), Nintendo of America (GBA, DS, Wii), and Apple (iPhone, iPod Touch). It is also a co-founding member of the New Zealand Game Developers Association and the New Zealand Institute of Screen Innovation.